The Chick, 1945 - by Frida Kahlo

This painting was painted in the year of 1945. At that time her relationship with Diego Rivear is collapsing, her beloved father just passed away and her health condition is deteriorating. All of these make her emotionally exhausted. So the interpretation of this painting is she depicted herself as the fragile baby chick, and is being threatened by two huge spiders. The chick is helpless and just stand there awaiting for her destiny.

There is another interpretation of this painting that the chick is a representation of her husband Diego Rivera. Standing on a pile of broken branches and seems to be unknown about the situation around him. The bouquet of the lilacs are the symbol of fidelity and it seems the chick can never reach it.

Since Kahlo left no written or verbal documentation on this painting we can only speculate as to its true meaning.