Portrait of Lupe Marin, 1929 - by Frida Kahlo

This portrait depicts Lupe Marin, who is the second wife of Diego Rivera. She and Diego were married from 1922 to 1927 and have two children. They divorced because Diego had an affair with photographer Tina Modotti. When Frida and Diego got married in 1929, Frida and Lupe Marin became friends. They used to go shopping together and Lupe would teach Frida how to make Diego's favorite dishes. To return the gratitude and show friendship, Frida painted this portrait for her.

But today we only have a black and white picture of this painting because Marin destroyed this painting over rage after she had a quarrel with Frida Kahlo. Her grandson said she cut the painting up with scissors. But she later regretted it.