Living nature - by Frida Kahlo

Frida painted still lifes for lots of people when she was in her 50s. She was in such a pain at that time and cannot get out of the house or even her bed. In this painting, the sky is separated into day and night, and both sun and moon are present... a component exhibit in large portions of her paintings. The foods grown from the ground are connected by roots, which structure the words "Naturaleza Viva" (Living Nature) whereby the craftsman rejects the "dead" implications of "Naturaleza Muerta" (Still Life).

At the time Frida was painting for this work, she was recovering from her stay at ABC Hosptial. This painting was commissioned by the actress Dolores del Rio. After completed this portrait, Frida Kahlo wrote a letter to Dolores and ask her to please give her the payment as she promised beforehand. The amount was 1,000 pesos. In the letter, Frida told Dolores that she needs the money desperately because she owes for the doctor and medical bills. She asked Dolores to give the payment to Diego's assistant when he delivered the painting to her.

Diego Rivera was very angry when he learned the content of Frida's letter to Dolores. He immediately sends the money back to Dolores and apologized on behalf of Frida.