Itzcuintli Dog with Me, 1938 - by Frida Kahlo

Frida was not able to bear children because of the bus accident that happened to her in the year of 1925. As a substitute for kids, she collected many dolls and pets like monkeys, dogs, birds, and even ad deer. In this painting, Frida painted herself with one of her Itzcuintli dogs. This kind of dog is very rare and expensive.

Frida was known to frequently get security and affection from her pets to fill her loneliness without children. But in this painting, she seems distant from the pet dog and has no connections. She was sitting here with a cigarette in her hand with a relaxed and elegant attitude. She wears a black dress with a gloomy background which is a revelation of her mood of loneliness. But the expression on her face is seductive and sensual.

An X-ray is take while this painting was consistently restored uncovered a prior work underneath, emphasizing little birds and plants around a lake.