Frida and Cesarean Operation, 1932 by Frida Kahlo

In early May of 1932, while Frida was in Detroit, she got pregnant again. Realizing that Diego didn't any children and knowing that there were some risks with her being carrying the pregnancy, Frida chose to stop the pregnancy with abortion as she had the previous one. A local Detroit specialist give her medication and castor oil to compel the premature birth. Be all of that failed and Frida chose to carry the pregnancy to full term. She was told by doctors that she could carry the kid to full term and deliver through a cesarean operation. Unfortunately that didn't come true. On July fourth she endured an horrible life threatening miscarriage.

Frida cannot finish this painting due to the physical and psychological paint from the miscarriage. This painting depicted what would have happened if the baby is delivered by cesarean. She had the baby delivered and put next to her. This painting is also an expression of hope and fear. Unfortunately the hopes are shattered. And in her another painting she started five days later she went back to to her ex-voto" style depicting Henry Ford Hospital with the horror of the miscarriage.